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Wild West Character Backgrounds: Blackjack

Wild West Character Backgrounds I have a couple other RPG projects I'm tying to get finished, but this is an idea that's been kicking around inside my head and I wanted to get it out.  I've been thinking about a wild west RPG that uses a hand of blackjack for character creation. Character Creation PDF Download Dealing the Cards The GM deals one card to each player face up, determining their Current Profession.  Then deal a second card face-down which determines their Hidden Past. Optional Third Card If any of the players are unhappy with their cards, they may be dealt a third card face down.  Amongst the three cards, they must end up with one Current Profession face up, one Hidden Past face down, and the extra is discarded. Choosing Backgrounds If you have a specific party makeup in mind or a focused campaign theme, then you can choose your backgrounds.  Deal two face-down cards to each player.  They select one to be their Hidden Past, and choose their Current Pro

Tome and A Novel Dungeon

 Tome Tome by Mitchell In February of 2021 I entered my second game jam .  The theme was to make something RPG related that fit on a bookmark.  To help justify the bookmark theme, I decided to incorporate the book mechanically.  Instead of rolling dice, you would flip to a random page and count how many letters are in the first word.  I go more into my thought process in this devlog . Embarrassingly it's been over a year and a half and I still haven't run my own game.  I was expecting to see my friends a lot once we all got vaccinated for COVID, but it's been a struggle to organize anything IRL.  People used work from home as an opportunity to move cities and everyone else got into new routines.  I've run one session of Cairn and a handful of The Black Hack , once I get around to actually play-testing Tome I will report back. A Novel Dungeon  If you right-click and “Open Image in New Tab” it should be higher resolution and a bit more readable: Yesterday I came across

Do we need another RPG blog??

Nope. No we don't, but sometimes I have RPG ideas that don't fit in whatever campaign I'm running at the time and don't justify a standalone project.   I rejoined the hell-scape that is twitter and I'm writing this right now.  I figured it would be a good outlet for the small ideas that can be covered in a few paragraphs as well as document my larger in-progress projects. In the Shadow of the Wall Right now the main project I'm trying to get finished is called In the Shadow of the Wall .  It is inspired by the wall around the city of Nessus in Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun as well as the mega-structure from Tsutomu Nihei's manga BLAME!   The project will be a system-agnostic science-fantasy location and toolkit.  Basically lists of details and NPCs to drop into your game. The idea is that there's a mysterious black cube embedded into the countryside.  The cube is the size of a small nation, and so large that most of the people who live